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More than 80 000 importers and 5 000 000 trade transactions recorded including importers and exporters contacts details. Impressive report of the trade transactions in the Organic Chemicals Market.

A study dedicated only to world-class Consulting Firms and Multinationals.

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This impressive report on world trade transactions has been prepared using the unique MisterExport.com’s methodology, including a blend of qualitative and quantitative data.

The information comes from official sources, institutions and insights from market experts.

This report on trade transactions will allow you to:

  • Quickly and cost–effectively gain competitive intelligence about the market;
  • Track market data, opportunities and threats;
  • Get acquainted with the active companies on the market (importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc.);
  • Build your investment strategy by assessing market attractiveness or company attractiveness;
  • Build your own market entry or market expansion strategy or evaluate your current strategy;
  • Add weight to pitches and presentations by using official and accurate data and calculations.

Key highlights

  • Period: 2015-2020.
  • Number of products: >350 chemicals.
  • Geographical scope: >120 countries.
  • Average number of world importers & exporters:  >80 000.
  • Average number of world shipments: >5 000 000.
  • Full support time: 12 months.
  • Delay: 10 to 12 days with the latest updates.

If you are interested in the world of Organic Chemicals Market, this research report on trade transactions will provide you with invaluable data of the market.

In addition, the report will save you time and money while presenting you all the necessary information, empowering you to make informed decisions and move your business forward!

For whom

For the most demanding, those looking for exceptional data.

World-class market research and consulting firms, multinational.

Professional user profiles

  • Strategy Consultant,
  • Market Intelligence Specialist,
  • Business Analyst,
  • Marketing Manager,
  • Head of Market Research.

This report contains

  • Online premium dashboard ready to use by all your colleagues (corporate licence).

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    Main sub-categories

    More than 350 products present in the following sub-categories :

    •  Alcohols
      • Monohydric Alcohols
      • Polyalcohols
    • Aldehydes & Ketones
      • Acetone
      • Formaldehyde
      • Furfural
      • Methyl Ethyl Ketone
    • Alkanes
      • Butane
      • Cyclohexane
      • Ethane
      • Heptane
      • Hexane
      • Methane
      • Octane
      • Pentane
      • Propane
    • Alkenes (Olefins)
      • Butadiene
      • Ethylene
      • Isoprene
      • Propylene
    • Amines
      • Aniline
      • Melamine
    • Benzene & Derivatives
      • Benzene
      • Cumene
      • Ethylbenzene
      • Nitrobenzene
      • Styrene
      • Toluene
      • Xylene
    • Ethers
      • Esters
      • Simple Ethers (incl Epoxides)
    • Halogenated Hydrocarbons
      • Ethylene Dichloride
      • Perchloroethylene
      • Vinyl Chloride
    • Isocyanates
      • Methylene Di-P-Phenylene Isocyanate
      • Toluene Diisocyanate
    • Organic Acids & Derivatives
      • Amides
      • Anhydrides
      • Nitriles
      • Organic Acids

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      Key players

      Some of the key exporters listed :

      • BASF
      • AkzoNobel
      • Reliance Industries
      • Mangalore Petrochemicals
      • TCI America
      • PPG Industries
      • Royal Dutch Shell Plc
      • Dow Chemicals
      • LG Chem
      • Mitsubishi Chemical
      • Akra Polyester 
      • Lotte Chemical Corporation
      • Tereftalatos Mexicanos
      • Lanxess
      • Sunshine Biotech International
      • Hubei Bluesky New Material Incorpor
      • Adama Agan Ltd
      • Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited
      • Bayer Schweiz Ag
      • Dalian Trico Chemical Co Ltd

      Discover more than 80 000 importers companies.

      *Not all companies are currently active in every segment or product from this mega report. For more details contact us.

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        • An outstanding report containing more than 80,000 importers and more than 5,000,000 commercial transactions recorded on the Organic Chemicals Market 2013-2020.



        • Provide your customers with quickly exploitable data and up-to-date market opportunities.


        • Enrich your projects with the interactive premium dashboard for professional and impressive presentations.


        • Visualize market opportunities for stakeholders and design a competitive landscape for market leaders.

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